Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Peanut

So, I have been getting the biggest kick out of this lately -- from the pictures we send out Connor doesn't always look as small as he really is. That is usually the first thing people comment on after they see pictures, "wow he really doesn't look that small" -- but lo and behold he really is! We have been skyping with the families lately (it is so fun, I highly recommend it!) and a few more visitors have stopped by and It is always the first thing they comment on how they didn't think he was so small. We just can't wait to bring him home so we can really show off the little man!

Bj was so cute when we were skyping with the Johnson's on Christmas, he put on a little show with Connor and all of this toys. They all said it was so neat to actually see him move and visualize how small he is compared to one of us or the toys in his bed. We think he is perfect and I have thoroughly stared at every exposed inch of him to memorize how small he is so I will never forget it. I know the time is going to fly by and soon enough he will be walking, talking and going to school -- my big boy. Ah, I am sure I will cry as he does all of those things!

Speaking of a big boy -- last night he drank 17 cc's out of his first bottle (at 11pm) and then at 5am he drank his whole bottle! He was absolutely precious -- he paced himself and breathed the whole time! I could not have been more proud of him (I immediately called Daddy and had to restrain myself from calling him at 5am!) and you could tell he was awfully proud of himself! I even got to feed him the second bottle, it was wonderful. He has been having issues with Acid Reflux (apparently it is something that no preemie escapes, their little muscles just aren't strong enough to keep everything down) and it is literally tearing me apart. I think it is so unfair and I hate to see the little one in pain, especially when he is trying to eat. So, it was so nice to see him so happy and wide awake while eating away. I know we still have a long way to go with the whole suck/swallow/breathe thing, but we are so proud of his progress! He apparently doesn't take after his momma in the weight gaining department though -- after bumping up feeds and calorie intake -- his weight stayed the same!
That is about all of the newest updates! Oh, and he looks like Barney today. He has on a very lovely purple outfit -- I think daddy and I are running to Target in search of some more preemie outfits to fit this sweet boy!

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