Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pregnancy Menu

In light of my last post, I realized I needed to post this as well. A friend of mine sent it to me when I said I wanted Bj to take me on a date night to The Med (one of our all time favorite restaurants in Boulder) before the nugget arrives. I said it might have to wait though as I didn't know if we had enough money to feed my appetite at The Med! So, she sent this over and I seriously almost peed in my pants. I was laughing so hard everyone at work had to think I was crazy! I really enjoyed the part about all the meat being burnt beyond recognition...I very do that these days! (Hence the e-coli scare post!!) and the appetizer on the second trimester also made me chuckle!

First Trimester Menu
--Appetizer: Tums compote
--Entree: Fresh Saltines on a bed of Saltines, lightly seasoned with Saltines
--Beverage: Ginger ale (IV drip available upon request)
--Dessert: Ten minutes in a dark room with an ice bag on your head

Second Trimester Menu
--Appetizer: Half a roast chicken, extra crispy
--Entree: A succulent leg of lamb smothered in pork chops, served with BBQ ribs and garnished with cheeseburgers (all burnt beyond recognition for your safety)
--Beverage: Toll-House pie smoothie , prepared with 1/2 pint heavy cream
--Dessert: 9"X16" pan of double-fudge brownies

Third Trimester Menu
*(Each course followed by 15-minute neck massage and/or bathroom break)*
--Appetizer: Three bites of tossed salad
--Entree: Two bites of lasagna
--Beverage: None- so you'll have room for dessert
--Dessert: A Tic Tac

* Double portions available if you're expecting twins

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