Thursday, November 6, 2008

I forgot...

I mean...not quite sure how I forgot to touch on these two things in my saying goodbye to the 2nd trimester post. But, here goes.

For anyone who hasn't seen or talked to appetite has been insatiable! I have amazed myself at how much I can manage to eat and how hungry I can get! I think I have eaten more in one week this trimester than I did in the entirety of the first! :) I just can't help myself! I have even willing gone in search of leftover Halloween candy at work! I just feel like I eat and eat and eat, all day long. The people at work have to think I am insane. Buffet? I love them, I can go up for seconds! I will just have to figure out some way to wrangle in the appetite once the baby arrives :)

My emotions have also gotten the better of me a few times in the last few months (and I am sure there is plenty more of it to come!). I think my favorite emotional moment as of late has been the day I SOBBED the whole way to work after daydreaming about becoming a room no less than FIVE YEARS! Yes, I cried all over the place for 45 minutes because I was so excited about the thought of being my kid's room mom when they are old enough for school. Yep, mom-to-be is a little off her rocker these days!

I think that is all...those moments are too precious and I wouldn't want to ever forget them :) By the way...sorry for the stupid formatting of the pictures in the last post. For some reason the big momma photo has a mind of its own and will not format as I tell it too!

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