Friday, November 14, 2008

A Place To Lay Your Sweet Little Head...

We got the phone call on Wednesday that the little one's furniture had arrived! I texted Bj and asked if we could get it as soon as he got off work. He had to work the mid shift that day and wasn't getting off until 8, but he was so excited too that he drove all the way home at 8 to pick me up (so I wouldn't miss out) and then drove us all the way to Babies R Us (which is a good 25 minutes from our house) just so we could get the furniture. I asked him if he wanted to wait until a more convenient day and he was so cute, he said "no, I don't want to wait, I want to get it tonight." So we pulled back in the driveway at 9:30 with our first baby's crib and dresser in tow.
Just a cute little side note --I have noticed him looking in the nursery before he leaves for work and I know he is as excited as I am to have some furniture set up in there. He said it doesn't feel like a nursery yet, it needs some furniture. I know he is proud of all the hard work we have put into the room and I know he is excited to be looking in on his sweet little son or daughter in that room a few short weeks from now.

So, our big Friday night plans consisted of putting the crib together! It looks great!! It was nice and easy, Bj did a great job. The dresser was moved up on Saturday morning (thanks for the help Jason!) and we are set. We think it looks fantastic! The dresser even fit right about where we thought it would. We are still playing around with everything, but are excited as to how it is all coming together. I think all we need to find is a little black night stand and accessories and everything will be perfect. Hope you like it!

Opening up the crib box...we like the looks of it so far!
Reading the was pretty easy to put together though! The finished product -- sweet pea's crib! The dresser/changing table! It was an easy assembly -- none required! The closet so far, it still needs a few more pieces until it is complete!
That is the nursery update so far, stay tuned for more!

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