Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Home...

It looks like I have earned myself a stay in the hospital. This is a terrible picture, this I know, but you will have to cut me some slack I was a little puffy from crying all evening! The baby is just fine and I am feeling much better now though, so no worries! On Thursday November 20th I went in for my regular OBGYN check-up (my rationale was to get my weigh-in over with before we went home and had Thanksgiving dinner!) and found out I had some high blood pressure. The nurse took my pressure and said it was high, I looked at her and said "Oh, it must be from me taking the stairs" and she looked at me like "sweetie, this is not from you taking the stairs". I think it was 174/108 (normal BP is 120/60). So, she sent the doctor in, I showed her Shrek legs and she took my BP another 4 times. I could tell something was up as she said "Ellen, I am worried and do not like the looks of this." She went outside and told me I was going straight over to the hospital for some tests. Upon arriving, I had my BP taken, a 24-hour urine test, constant monitoring of baby and I, blood work and labs and a few visits from my new doctors. (The OBGYN staff at the hospital is taking over as I am now a "high risk" pregnancy). I think we are still in shock, a little scared and just keeping our spirits high and working on me staying pregnant as long as possible :)

The official diagnosis is PREECLAMPSIA and it looks like bedrest for the peanut and I for the duration of the pregnancy. The first milestone we are working towards is getting us to 34 weeks (I am 31 today!) and if all goes well the second step is getting us to 37 weeks. The neo-natal preemie nurse came and talked to us the other day (made me a little nervous, I think I blacked out when she said the word mortality rate, we have nothing to worry about there though) and we are just cozying in for the long haul. I will most likely be in the hospital for the long haul, but there is a possibility with some good blood pressures and continued good labs I could get to go home on strict bedrest. So, that is the update for now. We are just asking for your thoughts and prayers and rest assured scoooter,jr will be full of information from here on out! :)

I have had so many visitors, phone calls, flowers, turkey balloons, magazines and toys...we sure are blessed with all these wonderful people in our lives. I am looking forward to my mom and Dave visiting on Wednesday too! So, thank you everyone for your support and generosity! :)


frenchiek said...

Oh my gosh Ellen! Seth came home thursday night and told me that BJ had to leave to go to the hospital because you had high blood pressure and Ive been worrying about you ever since! I kept telling Seth to call BJ and ask how you are and he kept telling me "I'm sure so many people are calling I dont want to bother them". I am SO glad things are ok! My mom was on bedrest at 3 months with my brother so at least you dont have to sit there as long!!! LEt me know if you need ANYTHING! We're all thinking about you:)

Janene said...

We are all thinking good thoughts for you and wishing you were here. I am always here if you need ANYTHING sweetie...just a phone call or text away. Let me know. Has your blood pressure gone done since you have been there?