Friday, November 28, 2008

31 Weeks

I realized I haven't put out an update! Things are going good, I had a rough night a few days ago, but I am starting to feel much better! I think I slept on my neck funny (weird, considering these beds are so comfy!) and just kinked it something good. I am on some meds and PT and feeling much better :)

We had an ultrasound on Saturday November 22nd and the little turkey is 3lbs. 4oz! I was so happy to see/hear that the little one is beefing up! I also have to say "they" looked even more beautiful than before. We got the cutest little picture and it looks like they are looking at us, I love it! Annie Erker Diehr sent me the cutest little holiday basket with a Christmas picture frame for a nugget sonogram and once I figure out how to print it off, it's going in the frame :) I is the day after Thanksgiving, so the room must be decorated for Christmas now! As I write this I am lounged out in my new snowflake jammies from MP and Gerard!

My lab (blood) work is staying the same so that is great! They did find more protein in my urine on the second 24-hour screening...I was a little bummed, but it's okay. The blood pressure is starting to creep up again but the nurses are keeping a really close eye on it and taking the best care of me! The doctor's are saying to just take one day at a time and we are still pushing for the 34 week mark! So, please keep praying for us!!! My grandma called the other day and said she had the Carmelite nuns on their knees praying for Ellen and Baby Johnson...I just had to laugh and say that I feel like that is all those poor Carmelite nuns do is pray for my family :)

That is all for this one...more to come!

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