Tuesday, November 18, 2008


November 18, 2008 -- Daddy feels the baby for the first time!

I have been waiting three months for Bj to feel the baby move and he finally felt the little one for the first time today! I am so excited, I had to write about it right away. The baby is a little shy when anyone but momma puts their hand on my belly and I have tried and tried and poor Bj has yet to feel the kicks. I know he wants to, he gets so excited when I put his hand on my belly - and now the waiting is over. I am working from home today and he is going snowboarding for the first time this season. So, I was propped up on the couch downstairs working and he came down to say hi. The baby started moving (I think he or she was excited that the whole family was downstairs in the smallest room in the house!) and I had Bj come over and put his hand on my belly. After a few "did you feel that?" from me -- he looked up at me and smiled and said "i felt that one!" It was so sweet and I know he was excited. I had tears in my eyes! I know how much I love feeling the baby and now he can too, I love it! Now I can't wait for him to feel the shaking and rumbling that goes on in this belly of mine.

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