Monday, November 17, 2008


I am not quite sure how I haven't taken the time to write about my nesting. I realized last night as I was emptying out the bathroom cabinets under the sink to clean everything off and simultaneously thinking about tackling all of the kitchen cabinets--cleaning, organizing and putting in new shelf liners, that this was most likely pregnancy hormone induced. I noticed very early on that both of us were a little more content to stay around the house and hang out in our comfies. Then I realized I couldn't stop baking, then organizing, and now cleaning! I feel like I have been on a terror since the end of May! It is kind of nice though, we have gotten a lot of key things done and the house is finally starting to look like our house again! I finished cleaning out the guest room over the weekend (it had become our dumping ground while moving the office to the basement and the office to the nursery) and it looks beautiful! I can now alternate between sitting in the nursery and in the guest room, it is so nice to have my house back! The only big place I have left to tackle is the garage. It has also become a dumping ground for everything that needs to come back to St. Louis with only a few more days and I can get my hands on it!

Other than that, my baking urges are still pretty hot and heavy. I just can't help myself...Nugget, Daddy and I love a sweet treat now and then :) What kind of momma would I be if I denied the little one some sweets?! Upon our return from St. Louis, my rampage will continue as I made Bj get all of the Christmas decorations out of the crawl space so I can decorate over the weekend! I am so excited, I can't believe it is almost that time of year again. I love it!

Oh and another random side note. I can't stop eating clementines. In addition to the holiday season, I also love when the little cuties are in season and I seriously can't stop eating them. I am not sure what the deal is, I guess it's a good thing though!

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Steph said...

oh my gosh!! me either :) they are my new fav!! it has to be at night though or they don't make me feel too good, but i just LOVE them!!!!! love ya!