Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby J's "Mini Vacation"

I have said many a times that this little baby is extremely active. I seriously feel movement all day long and even when I wake up at night to use the bathroom, it takes a little while to fall back asleep with all the movement. I LOVE this, it is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. I love the daily reassurance that the baby is still doing well and getting big. Well, the last few days the little one decided to take a little "mini vacation" from moving around as much to catch up on sleep and switch sleep cycles on me. Needless to say, it made me a little nervous. I called the doctor and she told me I needed to come in for a non-stress test on the baby. So, it was over to the hospital for me! All of the nurses were wonderful and I got a sneak peak at where I will be delivering. The rooms are unbelievable and I was happy to find out that the baby will be in room with us and not in a nursery!
I was hooked up to two monitors and the minute the nurse put the monitor to my belly we could hear that sweet, perfect little heartbeat! I spent the next 2 1/2 hours laying in a bed at the hospital looking at the mountains and listening to the amazing sound of our sweet little baby's heartbeat. Someone asked if I had a tv or did anything and I said no, I just listened. I can only imagine what an incredible experience labor is and meeting your baby for the first time. But, at this point there is absolutely nothing more amazing to me that the sound of the little life, we created, growing away in my belly. It just takes my breath away and I was so content just listening. Dad, Granny D and Uncle Davey got a phone call to hear to! It was also nice to hear (seriously hear the baby sounded like he or she was moving furniture and partying in there!) and see that everything was just fine. The baby was so active while we did the test I don't have any idea what I was concerned about. You could hear BUMPS (and I could feel them at the same time) when the baby was unreal! The baby was all over the place and the nurse thought the little butt was sticking straight up, I love it! She just said that the baby's position could have changed, causing me to not feel as many of the movements but assured me that everything looked great. I can't think of a better "mini vacation" from work myself on a Friday afternoon, listening to the little one grow away in my belly!

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