Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Love, The Johnson'sI can't believe it is already that time of year again...for lots and lots of candy! I must say that Halloween has not always been a huge holiday favorite of mine, but I think I am coming around as I already can't wait until next year when we can dress up the peanut! I think I was SO excited about the thought of dressing up the little one, I thought I would do what I could this year while he or she is still in the womb :) Poor child has many years ahead of momma torturing him or her! After making the "Our Little Pumpkin" sign I was so happy to realize that I had THREE more holidays to get creative with before himself or herself arrives...Good times for this momma-to-be!

Things are good in the Johnson household. We decided that we are going to take it easy and see a movie Halloween night, after handing out some candy of course. Then Saturday and Sunday are reserved for painting the nursery! IF we are lucky, we might throw in a trip to Babies R Us, don't be too jealous! Fabric has been picked out, paint colors have been decided and I think we are good to go! I am getting the "No-VOC" paint so that I can help out too. Shocking, huh? Me wanting to have my hands in the painting of the nursery?! I made sure to check with the doctor who was far less concerned about the paint than me standing on a ladder, I assured her that was what my hubby was for! So, stay tuned for lots of exciting posts as it comes together!

The little one is just growing away! I had someone tell me it looks like I have started to waddle, it's kind of funny. I notice it the most at the end of the day when the baby is heavy. I felt the baby in two places for the first time the other day -- it was wild! I swear the little one stretched out and poked me with both feet and hands at the same time. I am also pretty convinced he or she was partying in there as my whole belly seemed to be rocking. Somersaults are a daily favorite and I am seeing more and more thumps! I love it!

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