Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sympathy Weight

As you can probably imagine we are all eating a little more than usual these days in the Johnson household. This includes Scout and Sedona. Our sweet little girl, Sedona, has been on a low residue food diet for most of her young life. The poor girl, the food looks like cardboard and I can't imagine it tastes much better. We have noticed her outgrowing the need for the low residue food lately and have decided to switch her to Scout's food, good old fashioned, we can buy it at Petsmart, Eukanuba Medium Breed dog food. Well, she has flourished and is "all business" when it comes to meal times these days. She scarfs her food down faster than any other dog I have seen...not surprising she must have been starving for three years! Well, Bj took her to the vet yesterday and she has gained 5 pounds! We keep politely telling her she looks a little chunky these days and yesterday I just had to give her a hug...she doesn't want her momma to be the only one getting nice and round around the house! She took one for the team and is beefing up with me :)
I just had to all know how much we love our sweet monster doggies!

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