Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I love Bj!

I mean...don't worry this isn't going to be anything cheesy from the title :) I was still laughing about a conversation we had last night that just was Bj in a nutshell. His charming personality and dashing good looks are two of the things I love about it, but I also really love his sense of humor. He is just funny sometimes, some people don't get it...but I like to think I do.

We were chatting last night and I told him we needed to think about what childbirth classes we wanted to take. I cornered him and explained all of the different options we had: we could take the weekend long class consisting of 8 hours each on Saturday and Sunday or we could take the 8-week long course with 2 hours a night for 8 weeks. We need to start thinking about it so that he can plan accordingly with work. So, he looked at me (knowing full well that we will be taking one of the classes and being as happy as one would be about taking them) goes..."can't we just get the Rosetta Stone for childbirth DVD's?"

WOW! I laughed out loud and I am still laughing out loud. The best part is that Rosetta Stone probably came to mind first because we saw so many commercials for it while we were GLUED to the see, that is why I love him. Even though I know he would rather go anywhere else than childbirth classes, he didn't say no, he just made a funny :) I know I said I wouldn't get cheesy BUT, I do have to throw in that I also love him for telling me the other day that I looked adorable as a preggy lady...and last night when I was feeling a little self-conscious he assured me that he would love me no matter how big my tummy got because it's our baby in there. He is pretty sweet and I do think I will keep him around for quite some time.

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