Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crazy Pregnant Lady on the Loose!

I am going to begin by saying heaven help this little child if they have inherited my emotions. To say I wear them on my sleeve would be an understatement and I don't know if the world is ready for another emotional crazy lady like myself :)

I think (for the most part) I have been pretty calm the last few months. I was a little feisty in the beginning, I think because I felt so yucky, but have pretty much grown out of that. Like I have said before I now feel like a round, happy roly poly! I will still, every once in awhile (ie: everytime I watch a sappy movie, hear anything about a baby, see someone happy, see my husband when he or I get home from work, see the dogs, etc.) get a little emotional and sentimental. I just can't help it, it's who I am :) Well, last night the emotions must have been too much for me and I just had a breakdown. I decided I wanted to make Cottage Pie for dinner (I am trying to be creative and in doing so use up all the food we have in the fridge to a) not waste and b) try and save money on groceries) we had all the ingredients and I was set. So, I made the meat, with a spoon and made the mashed taters with another spoon. Life was great, until I made the mistake of FORGETTING and ACCIDENTALLY using the meat spoon to spread the taters on top of the meat in my pie dish. I then put the cheese on top and baked the entire thing at 375* for 40 mins. I was thrilled when it came out and proceeded to eat away.

You know AFTER I finished eating I realized the mistake I had made involving the meat cooking spoon contaminating the cooked taters. I immediately burst into tears convinced I had poisoned both the baby and I with e-coli and how was the little going to handle it when they are SO SMALL!! I called Bj sobbing and snotting and made him promise me I was not a bad mom and assure me that there was no way I had given us both e-coli...all while explaining it can just be hard sometimes making sure I am doing everything I can to protect our baby. WOW! I give him a gold star for his performance because he was wonderful and assured me as many times as I needed that we were both okay.

After this, I had to get myself ready for bed and assure Sedona that I was okay (she is awfully protective of me in general and even more so when I am upset...the sweet dog). Bj called back a little later and made sure I wasn't still crying. I was laughing about it by was just so funny! I could not get it out of my head that I had done something harmful and apparently it was all too much for me in that moment. I was relieved when I got in the snoogs and laid down to feel the little one dancing around in my belly. It made for a good nights sleep :)

I was telling my co-workers this story today and they said it was too funny not to blog about, as I would want to remember this in the years to there it is! The crazy pregnant lady at her finest!

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