Friday, September 19, 2008

Where are my feet?

So, I realized the other day that if I am standing up straight my feet disappear. For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing me in college, you might remember how excited I was to one day look down and not see my feet. The day has come and I love every minute of it. I much prefer the sight of my big belly...who needs to see feet anyway?

In addition to the sonogram appointment yesterday, I also had my monthly check-up with the doctor. She said everything looks great, I am measuring right where I should be. I am happy to report only a seven pound weight gain overall, she was very happy with that. She told me I could laugh in the face of all the kind people I don't know who tell me how "huge" I look. Never, ever tell a pregnant woman she looks huge, unless you know her, and you are joking. I am the only one allowed to say that I look huge (and maybe my mom and granny, as they pretty much can tell me anything!). For now though it is just growing and housing the little one. We are busy getting a few things figured out around the nursery and just enjoying each day as it comes. Here are a few new belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday!

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