Sunday, September 21, 2008

Future Music Lover

Growing up, music was a huge thing in my house. I still smile when I am in St. Louis and hear the oldies radio station as I can remember riding in my mom's Oldsmobile station wagon, listening to KLOU -- 103.3. I am sure I liked it when I was younger, but most likely not so much when I grew into my own stellar taste in music...ah, those lovely teenage years. I will also never forget riding in the car with my dad and either having to tell him the name of the band or the instruments they were playing. We may have rolled our eyes then, but now it makes me smile. Those experiences have given me the appreciation for all things music I have now. Just like in my family growing up, music is a huge part of our life now. Bj has always had a love for music and I love how passionate he gets about a song or group he loves. As much as we laugh, I love it when he pulls out the video he has from the last PHISH show and how I can tell it always brings him right back to that place. It is something so important to both of us and something I know we will pass onto the little one.

We were in Aspen over Labor Day weekend at their Snowmass Jazz Festival. It was a great time; a nice weekend and a beautiful day. We went to see Yonder, the closing act, and just really enjoyed the experience. As we were standing in the crowd waiting for the show to start, a man looked at my large belly and asked if this was the baby's first Yonder show. Bj and I looked at each other and laughed when we, this is about the baby's sixth musical the womb! The baby has been with us through a week of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Red Rocks, The Boulder Theatre, Aspen, and The Wildflower Pavilion in Lyons. I think it really put into perspective how much we enjoy seeing live music.

Last night we saw a great show at the Wildflower Pavilion in Lyons. It is one of our favorite venues (and will be baby's first music festival next summer at RockyGrass) it is right up the road and a really intimate, beautiful place to spend the evening. This was the first show we had been to since the baby has started moving (and the only one we can sit down to listen to) and it was amazing to feel the little one dancing around! Already the little one has a love of the banjo as he/she went crazy dancing when the banjo was playing. It was also really interesting to see the songs he/she didn't like! I have to throw in that the baby LOVED the two Irish tunes they played! It, of course, made me all nostalgic for the times to come when the baby is in the world and the many experiences we will enjoy as a family. It also made me realize that the baby can hear what is going on in the outside world...I think I will continue chatting and singing to the little darling!

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