Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few more Shower Pictures

I feel as though Steph went to too much work to not show off her beautiful set-up! She thought of everything...right down to the ultrasound picture of the baby on the mantle. She is too much! Thanks for everything Aunt Steph!

--- The "J" favors, too cute sugar cookies with green icing and a "J" for the little one! Everyone took one before they left, she even has a little picture frame mat for everyone to sign with a little note to the baby.

-- The boys took a shot in honor of the little one. Not that the baby will get any ideas as he or she will be waiting until they are the ripe age of 21 to drink alcohol, just like mom and dad did! :)

-- Baby Johnson was present and accounted for, not only in my belly, but on the mantle! Steph made a special spot between the fall decorations, it was kind of fun looking up and seeing the little picture!

-- As I told you, she thinks of everything! We had a cake for the baby and a cake for Klein...it was her birthday! We obviously had to get a picture to remember both celebrations! Happy Birthday Klein!

-- Last but not least...THE FOOD! It was all so delcious, she even made little green and yellow name tags so we knew what we were eating. This girl is too much I tell you!

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