Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank You's!

We just wanted to post a special thank you to Aunt Jen, Aunt Steph and Uncle Adam for their sweet gifts for baby Johnson! The little one isn't even here yet and already spoiled rotten! :)
Aunt Jen gave us this super cute onesie (momma didn't do a great job taking the picture, it says "after hours party at my crib, 2am, BYOB--bring your own bottle!" We thought that was pretty cute and will most likely be awfully fitting when the little one arrives! The first onesie, we love it! Thanks Aunt Jen, you are the best! :)

Aunt Steph remembered that mamma's favorite book is
"Love you Forever" and purchased one WITH a handwritten note to the little one...their first book!!!
It a good think mamma already has the bookshelf ready to
be stained to match the crib furniture...and ready to fill for the future genius! :) She also had her monogram man stitch a little bib for "Baby Johnson" in the perfect gender neutral mint green! We can't quite believe someone with a tiny little neck will be wearing that here soon! Thanks so much Aunt Steph, we love it! We can't wait to read the little one books and I am sure this wil
l be a huge favorite, just like it was when we were little!

The last little gift we have rece
ived came from Uncle Adam, the baby's first Yonder Mountain String Band onesie! He purchased it at one of nuggets first Yonder Mountain shows (attending via momma's tummy that is!) and we are so excited to have this special reminder! We have already been thinking of the bluegrass tunes
we are planning on putting on the lullaby cd for the little one to fall peacefully asleep too! :) Ha, I can almost here a few of you laughing out loud now...maybe when the little one is old enough (and lucky enough) I will teach him or her some of my super dance moves! Thank you again Uncle Adam, that was so nice of you! :)
Rumor has it too that the Grandma's have been out and about shopping for the little one too, it looks like there will be more thank yous in order! It is so nice to know that this little one will have been loved from the very beginning by all the wonderful family and friends we have! I even had a little bird tell me about one Grandma in particular going crazy at the Carter's outlet in Michigan! We are going to need those skills in helping up pick out a pink or a blue outfit for the nugget to come home in! Something snuggly and warm for our little winter baby! :)

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