Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello, Second Trimester!

Ah, the beauty of the 2nd Trimester! Needless to say I feel wonderful these days :) I am just enjoying watching the belly get big and itchy, and happy that the morning sickness has gone away. By twelve weeks I started to feel better and by thirteen weeks I felt totally normal again. I have also been much less tired and able to do a few more things around the house...only a few though :) We took a camping trip at the end of July and had a wonderful time hanging out and relaxing. The weather was perfect for this pregnant lady which is always a bonus! I must be giving off pregnant pheromones, as even the mosquitoes decided to leave me alone. So far (as of August 22nd, 2008) I would describe this trimester as happy...I pretty much feel round and happy! I can see both of us getting more and more excited as the weeks go on, we still can't quite believe we will meet the little one in only five months!
We have started to plan out the little one's nursery! The only concrete thing we have picked out is the furniture! Woo-hoo, the youngin will have a crib and changing table. Now we just have to figure out if we can afford the furniture :). We have also started compiling a HUGE list of potential names. It is kind of fun looking through the book to see what we like. I can tell we are both analyzing names we hear like we never have before. It is fun too, we have both been really in sync with what we like and don't like! Our plan is to put every name we like even a little on the list and narrow down from there. We will hopefully decide on two girl and two boy names so when the nugget arrives we can decide who he or she looks like!

We had our four month check-up on Monday August 18th and it went great! The little booger decided to hide on us therefore causing my heartbeat to race, but after a few minutes the booger was located to the right of my belly button in the middle of my tummy. As I (and most everyone) has noticed that "Hotel Ellen" has expanded quite a bit in the last few weeks, the little one must have been utilizing the space and roaming around. All was well though, another perfect little heartbeat. It is still awfully crazy to hear my heartbeat and then this other fast little one going! Too fun :) We go on September 19th at 2pm for the Sonogram! We are so excited to see what nugget is up to! I think it is really going to hit home for both of us, even more so than the heartbeat, when we see the features of the baby. I am hoping we get lots of good pictures to take home, we will just have to locate a scanner and post them on the site!

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