Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ruminations by Ellen and Bj

I think my "new" thing that I love between Bj and I is the random thoughts we have regarding the baby. I have noticed each of us on different occasions mention something we are excited or nervous about and it is so fun to laugh about them or agree on them.

We were talking about the dogs the other day and how we aren't worried and think they will be wonderful and very protective of their new baby. Bj asked if we would lose the dogs sleeping in our room after the baby gets a little older (ie: 5 or 6) and can ask for the pooches to sleep with him or her. We don't see that as a ba
d thing at all, but laughed and said we didn't think it would take that long before they stake their claim in the room or outside the door. We said Sedona would sit directly in front of the crib and Scout (as he always has to be touching you in some way) would try and sleep snuggled with the baby in the crib (don't worry mom's, we would NEVER let him do that :). We snapped this picture and thought it was cute...the two of them guarding the stairs.

Bj was also really cute the other day and said he still can't quite believe that someone who looks like us is going to arrive in the world in five months...I think I am with hi
m, I still can't quite believe it either! I told Bj the other day that I hope the baby gets his eyes, but my perfect vision. I am also pushing for the baby (boy or girl) to inherit the Johnson long lean legs and not my short stumpy ones! :) We were joking about what we are going to do when the kid asks questions about homework that we can't answer! We said we would refer them to the teachers...Aunt Steph and Aunt Kris. I think my mom will agree with me, I will not be in charge of the teaching the child how to tell I still struggle with a "regular" clock.

We are mostly just excited to meet the little one and see who he or she turns out to be. It will be fun to see if they have mom's hair color and love of reading or dad's eyes and love of sports. We are excited to teach them things and take them to Cards games and camping in the summer. We are also (fast forward 8 years) looking forward to dropping them off at Camp Taum Sauk for the summer and enjoying a nice little vacation just the two of us...even though I am sure we will miss the little stinker! It has been really nice thinking about all the things to come and all the memories we will be making in the future. I am sure I will be adding to this I am already leaving out the "will we be good parents" and the how am I going to make it through dropping them off at school for the first time! But, we have plenty of months and years ahead to battle the rest of these decisions. For now, we have names to decide, a nursery to plan and getting the little here safely in January 2009!

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