Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping with the Pregnant Momma!

I am going to start off by saying these are not the greatest shots of me, but I am doing this so you all can see how big (I think anyway) the belly looks since the last pictures (the ones of me in the geometric dress, taken just Thursday, where as these were taken on Saturday!) So please bear with me and realize that I had just been camping in the wilderness all weekend :)

We decided we needed a little break from everyday life this weekend and went up to the mountains for some relaxing and camping. It was really fun, just the two of us and the dogs. We ate lots of smores, went on a hike with the dogs, relaxed and looked at some baby names. We have both been feeling restless lately as it rained all last weekend and work has been really busy the last few weeks, so it was nice to get away. Camping is so easy here, we only had to drive an hour and this is what we found! We did decide though after this trip, we are going to need a mid-size tent to house me and the belly with Bj and the two dogs comfortably! We looked so funny in our little two person tent, the air mattress the size of the tent and the two dogs...we were nice and cozy and warm though!

We even had a little rainstorm with some thunder, which we always enjoy! It was just the perfect amount of rain, it only required running under the tent, and the fire managed to weather it very nicely!
Overall it was a very nice weekend and we were glad we were able to get away for an impromptu, cheap weekend!


Steph said...

SO MANY UPDATES!! I LOVED reading through all of your fun adventures!! :) The tummy is growing so much...I LOVE it!! You know I am just going to cry in a month when I see you right?!?! :) This is awesome!! Thank you sooo much for taking the time to update all of us out of town folk!!! Love you!

Angela said...

Hi there little Camp Friends ! You are all grown up and have blossomed into such a beautiful woman, wife and soon to be Mom !
What a wonderful adventure you are undertaking .... Thank you for sharing all this for us to see. Enjoy each moment and thought. I cant wait to read about those feelings you'll have when you hold that precious little person for the first time ..... Love to both you and BJ and little one. Thinking of you.

With love from sunny South Africa,


Maggie said...

You look soooooo cute!!!!!!! I love seeing my pregnant Ellen!!!