Friday, November 1, 2013

Hanging Out!

I am pretty sure if I went back and looked I would have quite a few posts titled "hanging out" mainly because I can never think what to call the groups of pictures :) I just thought these two pictures of my boys - I love my happy little boy :)

Such a happy baby! He is working on his teeth right now and bless him I hope they come in soon! As of today (8 months old) we don't have any yet!

Silly stinkers, how can you not love them? I have no idea what we were doing and why Connor was wearing his swimming suit, haha!

Ram van! Connor loves tailgating for this reason alone, he loves to play in the ram van!

I need to get a before and after of the new playroom in the basement, it looks so great! Bj did a fantastic job, he took on a pretty big project and it turned out amazing. I am so excited to have it this winter with two little rugrats running around, and it was SO nice to move all of the upstairs toys to the basement in this little house of ours :)

Connor and I were making some cookies - that boy is always close by when there is baking involved, he loves to lick the spoon! :)

The first time letting Evs sit in the grocery cart - it turned out okay. He did well but was mauled a few times with love by his brother before the trip was over. He was pretty happy to get back into his car seat, hehe!

We were playing outside one morning, I think Bj was out of town so we were enjoying the morning and he went inside and packed a picnic for us. It was really cute. I love these little moments with them and those little moments are the reason I keep this blog going, even when I don't want to take the time to write on it. I LOVE being able to look back and laugh at the things Connor said or did that I otherwise would have forgotten.

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