Thursday, September 12, 2013

iPhone Upload :)

I can't believe that as I am typing this summer is just about over! Connor is already back in school and the weather *might* be starting to get a little cooler! I have been terrible about uploading my phone pictures, so here goes catching up from three months on :)
 I still can't get over the fact that I have TWO BOYS! I love watching there sweet, sweet little bond form. Connor can make Evan laugh like no one else can - he just ADORES his big brother!

Our summer was a pretty mild one, we enjoyed being able to take lots of walks!

It wears a boy out being so cute and smiling away! This was how my little buddy would help me sew. He would play on the floor and then sleep in his carseat or the floor :)

I don't have any words, this is just cute :)

We planted our garden this year! We didn't get a great crop this year, but it was still fun. This is how Evs and I helped - we were more of the harvesters this year! We did get lots of green beans and it was fun to make them for Evs. He LOVED them!

As E gets more and more interactive Connor has really loved playing with him, he seriously can't stop kissing his head. I kind of can't blame him on that one, I cant stop kissing it either :)

We got new sidewalks and driveway entrances on our street this summer and it was some serious entertainment for these kiddos. I think we played outside in the dirt and rocks every night for almost the whole summer. It was so fun and they loved it! Connor totally loved all of the construction trucks around the house for the summer too.

We went to Purina Farms with our neighbors and had fun seeing the dog show and animals! It was a really great summer, I can't believe it is already time for fall weather and PUMPKIN PATCHES!!

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