Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Brother!

This sweet little boy (who is in desperate need of a haircut) is very, very excited to become a big brother. He is so cute and I just LOVE talking about it with him. I know all of our lives are going to change and I can't wait for it. He is taking his big brother role very seriously and I love when he "practices" on someone younger. He loves his blanket "baby" so much that I told him we would go and pick out a special blanket for him to give the baby when he/she arrives. He was so excited, he just makes me smile.  
Connor wants a little sister. He has from the very beginning and he refers to "her" when he talks about the baby and he will tell everyone he sees that "he wants to get a girl baby." I keep telling him that we are so lucky to be having a baby and we are going to be so thankful if God blesses us with another little boy or a little girl. We were driving in the car the other day and C asked what coat the baby was going to wear. I told him if the baby was a girl we could have to get a new coat, and if the baby was a boy we would pull out all of his clothes from when he was a little baby. He looked at me and said "I just keep thinking it's a girl momma". I started to tell him my schpiel when he looked at me and goes "I know momma, we are going to be so happy with whoever God gives us" Ha! It made me chuckle. Regardless of whether or not we welcome a brother or sister into this family I know that he is going to be a pretty awesome big brother and love "his baby" no matter what :) We are starting to work on names and we think we have a name for a girl but we are still undecided on a boy, he heard me joking with someone that if the baby is a boy he will be nameless - so that is what he tells everyone :) It makes me chuckle - also makes me think we need to start thinking of more boy names. Anyone have any ideas?  

Connor helped me clear everything out of the baby's closest the other day - I had to bang out a few 100 year old pieces in the closet and he was so funny cheering me on "you DID IT momma!" Ha!! He helped me measure out the size of the crib to see if it would work and he and his little friend Reese told me which paint sample they liked the best :) He loves to kiss my belly and tell me how excited he is to have "a little tiny baby in the house". He has also started a collection of all the toys he doesn't like or use anymore to give to the baby, haha! The poor little one's dresser is already full of things - not one stitch of clothing though.

Since halloween is over Connor has been asking when his birthday is, when santa come and when the baby pops out. We pulled out a calendar the other day and it was fun to look through what all we have left before the baby arrives. I think now that it is November the little bitty is going to be here before we know it - the holidays will fly by, and before we know it it will be February! I asked Connor the other day what he is most excited for about the baby and he said "the baby's little feet". I love my sweet Connor and I think I am most excited about watching you become a big brother to your sweet little baby brother or sister.

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