Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Pictures

 Through our neighbors we found this wonderful photographer to take some pictures of our little family this summer. I always tend to get fall pictures so I thought some summer ones would be nice for a change. I had seen another shoot she had done with a family who owned a VW bus and I kind of knew we had to do some too :) Connor loves playing with/in the bus and I thought it might be kind of fun to get a few pictures of us and some of C in the bus. I knew I would get some good smiles from him. It was SO hot this night I am so thankful we don't all have huge sweat stains all over the place. The bus doesn't have air conditioning so we flew straight to the nearest snow cone place on the way home to cool ourselves down :) We loved Katharine Roberds and I know I will use her again!!

This is so Connor with the "point" it cracked me up and it one of my favorites :)

These two family shots are my favorite, I think they just capture my little family perfectly and I love them :) I love that cheesy little grin on Connor's face, too funny!

My boys.

I love this one. I just love everythig about it, it made me so happy that we did something a little different and brought the bus with us!


My sweet, sweet boy.

He kept hoking the horn and scaring Katie the photographer, it was pretty funny! She is due with a little boy soon and I told her we were giving her an accurate example of what is to come :) haha! She was so wonderful though and I can't thank her enough for capturing such beautiful pictures of my little boy. If you need a photograher in St. Louis, she was awesome!

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JENN said...

these pictures are beautiful!! love the idea of using the VW bus! Connor is too cute.