Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woe is Three

I am slightly obsessed with our new camera so we had a few minutes before meeting my grandma for lunch the other day, so I took a few pictures! The minute I pulled it out C was like "Momma, I don't want my picture taken!". So I just kept snapping away and the pictures made me chuckle. I love my boy and there are so many things I love about age 3 but it is also by far the most difficult age we have encountered yet. I laugh and either I had the world's best two year old or it's really the "terrible 3's" :)

He is such a silly, snarky, headstrong little boy at three years old. He is stubborn as all get out and I love him for all of it :) For some reason these pictures just scream "Connor at age 3" for me! 
This one was my favorite - it was seriously a "woe is me, momma has no idea how hard it is to be three!" Haha! He makes me laugh on a daily basis, some of the things that come out of his mouth kill me. He also loves to push my buttons with his attitude and has to sit in time out plenty of times a week. 

Then, all of a sudden he couldn't wait to have his picture taken! Momma, take my picture while I climb my swing set. He wanted his picture taken with the dogs, silly little goose. 

This was my favorite, he posed like this all on his own. Look at that stinky little face!! Haha! This looks like a senior picture gone bad :) Love this little boy, snarkiness and all! 

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