Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Village 2012

We made our yearly trip to Easter Village and it did not disappoint! We just had the best time, like we do every year! We had a perfect day and just can't get over how cute the whole thing is. It is also amazing how many free activities we have around these parts, I love it! I joked walking in that I was pretty sure I would make my appearance with the Easter Bunny again this year. Maybe one year I will be able to stay out of the picture, haha! Look at that face, he wasn't going to have anything to do with him! :)

We loved petting these little piggies, they were precious! They were snorting and "biting" at our hands, it was way too cute! They had little puppies and Connor and Bj had to tear me away. I kept saying I wanted one and Connor kept going "but Momma, we have two puppies at home" hahahaha!

My sweet boys, I really love these two. I am pretty happy we spent the day together at Easter Village :) The dog show this year was amazing we were cheering and squealing the whole time. They play music when the dogs go through the agility competition and one of the songs was Sexy and I know it and out trots a little pot belly pig! It was way too cute and he did the agility contest just like the dogs, he even got the frisbee in his snout at the end :)

I just thought this little guy was too cute! Connor had so much fun petting all the animals this year, we pet the big, cow, chicks, goat, horse, bunnies, dogs, sheep and lambs!

He was not into smiling for the camera, I even bribed him with popcorn, haha! We had another wonderful year, and day at Purina Farms, we can't wait for next year!

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