Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had another wonderful Easter in the Johnson household! Connor was so surprised to wake up in the morning and see if the easter bunny came! The easter bunny hid his baskets around the living room and it was really fun watching him hunt for them. He would find one, empty it out and then be on the hunt again. He was spoiled with bubbles, chalk, books, markers, coloring books, cars, pj's, undies and two new movies!

The Easter Bunny also delivered some eggs to our front yard! Connor was just so cute to watch he had the best time finding all of the eggs. He opened each one after he found it and put it in his basket. He got candy in a few and the rest had money for his piggy bank - he was SO excited!

He showed us each one, it was really sweet!

Daddy was outside using his new grinder from the easter bunny - he was grinding off the post from the old railing so I can put my flower pots on the step :)
Scout cracks me up in this picture - you would have thought we beat him instead of asking him to lay down :) He was probably waiting to pounce into Connor's easter candy :) haha!

This was the best post I could get - he wanted to pose on his bike. I figure anyway I can get a picture of him looking at the camera these days I will take it!
He was "sinking" about getting his picture taken, haha! I just loved his little outfit, I loved the colors and thought he looked a little too cute for words!
I always like to get a picture of us on Easter because we usually have fun bright outfits on - well, thanks to Uncle Shannon for snapping it this was the best we got! Ha! I think this pretty much sums us up these days - silly little stinker. At first I was a little bummed that he wouldn't smile but then I realized that he is 3 and I will always remember that little face as out epitomy of three :) After hanging out at our house we went over to my Uncle's with the whole family for a little easter brunch. We had a great time with family and Connor was spoiled with more goodies from the easter bunny. We had a great day and already can't believe that easter is over!

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