Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brookdale Farms

We have been blessed with some great neighbors and I just love them! We all have kiddos around the same age, like to be at home and have fun - it works out perfect! I love being able to have a great time with Bj and Connor - have both of them have a great time, and not have to go anywhere - haha! Friday was a beautiful day so we decided to head to Brookdale Farms for a little fun with the kiddos! None of us had been, but it was really cute. It was just the right size for the kids to have fun and the Momma's not to panic about losing a child :)

This was a hit for everyone - the corn box. We were so lucky and got there at the perfect time, we almost had everything to ourselves! I seriously must have put Connor's shoes back on about a 115 times this day :) It was so entertaining in fact, we said someone needed to put one in the backyard! I believe I was elected, we shall see if it happens!

 The cow train was pretty fun, so fun in fact the Momma's got to ride too! The kids were laughing, they kept going - it's fun and bumpy!
 Connor was fixing me a delicous breakfast of corn - what can I say, he is pretty good to his Momma!

They were so sweet on the hayride, they loved it! It was just such a fun day and the perfect little fall outing. Have I mentioned that I love the fall? I seriously can't get enough of it. We are going to hit up the pumpkin patch tomorrow, woo-hoo! When I was putting Connor to bed we were talking about the best parts of our day (this is usually the best part of my day, I LOVE hearing what he says!) - here is Connor's best part of the day:

"Driving in Miss. Jess's mini-van because the doors open and I can help Reese out" Hahaha! Maybe a mini van is in my future?! :) 

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