Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa 2010

One word...HILARIOUS. We went and visited Santa today, Bj and I seriously about cried we were laughing so hard. This is the 6th picture they took - the only one he wasn't crying in. As the woman said "that is the most pathetic "momma" cry I have ever heard!" and I just couldn't subject him any longer. I picked him up, we said that one looks great and waited for the 5x7 to come back. When it did and we saw the SNOT running down C's face we were almost in tears we were laughing so hard!

In C's defense - as soon as I picked him up he told Santa that he wanted a car for Christmas peese.
Sweet thing! 

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Steph said...

i'm sorry sweet cfj, but aunt steph laughed really hard about your visit with santa! i have a feeling that your girlfriend reaggie will have a very similiar reaction when we go see santa this weekend. i hope you get your car, especially because you said "peese" so nicely! love you sweet man...and your momma too! :)