Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a great Halloween this year! We definitely enjoyed the festivities and trick or treating with this little monkey was so much fun :) We started the celebration on Friday night with a party at the Diehr's house. It was amazing how many kiddos were there, everyone looked so cute and had a great time! Connor had such a fun time (and a few too many "m's") and partied with his momma into the wee hours of the morning! Ha!

We woke up Sunday morning and Connor and I made some orange pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We got some stuff done around the house and Bj and I put our chili on the stove for our little gathering that evening! We had Nonny, Uncle Davey, NeNe, Nana and Grandpa over for dinner and some trick or treating. It was o fun and I think a tradition for years to come :)
We carved our pumpkins (we think we might need to do a little better next year though, haha!) and had a chili cook-off (Bj with regular chili, Ellen with white chicken chili) and waited to pick the little monkey in his costume.

He was SO cute and had so much fun trick or treating! He didn't want to keep his monkey had on for anything but we will keep him :) Nonny found his costume last weekend at the lake and it was perfect, thanks Nonny!

Please ignore how gross Momma looks, I was busy all day :) This little boy had the best time! His little friend from down the street came over and they played with the candy. He marched up and down the street and said "trick or treat" and "happy day" to get his candy. It was precious!!!
What a better way to end the night, with a kit kat?! Ha! He stayed up on the porch with us while we waited for the trick or treaters and he loved seeing all the costumes. The only thing he wasn't sure about was everyone taking the candy from the bowl, ha! We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!

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