Monday, November 22, 2010

23 Months...

First of all, where did months 18-22 go? How did I miss writing you a little note those months? Oh yeah, momma was a little stressed out between the house and work and this poor little blog took a loss :) Connor Francis, I can't believe that next month you are going to be 2. The big 2! You know how old you are going to be and love telling us. You hold up one finger from each hand to show us your "2"! I love it. I just can't quite get over the fact that I have been your momma for almost two years, you are the best thing that has ever happened to our little family. I knew I loved you the minute I found out about you, saw you, held you - but I just had no idea how much I love you. You know though don't you? To the moon and back! When I ask you - that's just how you answer :) You have grown and changed SO much these last few months. You are talking all the time and your words are starting to change a little. You have the sweetest little voice and you put hand motions with your words, especially when talking about the garbage truck - your true love. You are starting to put more and more two words together. The other day you told me a "story" of how you saw the garbage trucks at Nana's, they beep, beeped at you and the scooper scoops UP the trashcans and DUMPS them down. You run everywhere - you are so full of life and energy, you never stop. It's hilarious - the only time you aren't moving is when you are sleeping. I am thankful you are a good sleeper, you need to refuel after all of your movement!
You are so silly and you have such a wonderful personality. You love to play with your friends, and you love your family. You love to read books, your new favorite is the digger book. You are in love with anything construction related, trucks, garbage trucks, trains, cars -you name it, you love it! I love watching you play, you have started to make vroom vroom noise as you push your trains all over the floor, coffee table, etc. You love to laugh and your laughter is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. You love to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, you request it and you are starting to snuggle in our laps more and watch it :) You love to give hugs and kisses - and you love it when momma, daddy and Connor have group hugs and kisses. Sometimes you push us together and smile when we hug or kiss.
You are such a big helper! You help me in the kitchen, you help me clean, you hand me the pillows when I am making the bed. Nana bought you a vacuum the other day and you love to vacuum. You move so fast, I wish it really worked, I would never have to vacuum again :)

You are an angel, you are a goose, a moose, a little sweet pea.You can be a total stinker and you love to test our patience :) You definitely have the "whine" with a side of "whine" down - we know your lungs work and they work well! You have started to put your own pants on, you are too cute and SOO proud of yourself when you do it. You like to sit in the same spot on the floor to put them on too. You are so curious and you are starting to ask where people and things "went" - where did they go?! You shrug your little shoulders and look so serious. You love to say "happy day!" at the top of your lungs for happy birthday! I just know you are going to have the best birthday ever. We put up your Christmas tree this weekend and you love to look at the lights.
Connor Francis Johnson we love you so much, we are blessed everyday beyond our wildest dreams with you in our lives. We can't wait to celebrate this 2nd birthday with you!!

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