Monday, October 18, 2010

The Transportation Museum

The groupon deal of the day a few weeks ago was four tickets to the Transportation Museum and with how much this kiddo loves planes, trains and automobiles - I couldn't pass it up! Friday was a great day for a field trip, so we called Nonny and we were off! We had such a fun time, I think we all had equal amounts of fun. They had trains you could run through, a miniature train ride and fun things at Creation Station.
Playing in the pirate ship!

On the miniature train ride with Nonny! He was so cute - he kept saying "choo-choo" complete with the hand motions. He was mesmerized with the wind in his face, sweet little thing. We tired him out though because he didn't throw too big of a fit when we left :)

You know, just driving the train! He was so cute running around - I think he wasn't totally sure what to think but was really excited to see the "choo-choo's!" We had a great day - thanks for coming with us Nonny! 

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