Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best $4.35 I have Spent...

I may have mentioned once or twice that this little boy likes to play outside. By that I mean - he really, really likes to play "ahside" - so much so that he screams when we bring him in. Well I like to be outside as much as the next girl but I do need to get dinner cooked as well! So, Connor and I cleaned out the water table, bought 10lbs of rice at Sam's, put up the gate and...success!

He is a scooping, dumping, burying fool in his little rice table and with the gate up keeping him on the back porch - I am a cooking fool in the kitchen right next to him :) He is so funny though - we have spent hours playing with the rice. I gave him cups and measuring cups from inside and then we decided to get fancy. We went to the one spot at Target to see what treasures we could find for $1 - some Halloween buckets and a little set of jungle animals. He likes to line the animals up and growl like a lion :) I will consider this a success! Granted we don't have nearly 10lbs of rice in there anymore - and we are working on keeping the rice IN the table - but fun was had by all, and I am a happy momma because I can make dinner while popping in and out of the kitchen to play in the rice table with this cute boy!

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Mellisa Rock said...

I need to make something like this for the kids - someone is always helping me in the kitchen - but since there is not a lot of room - we need something to occupy the other 3 sets of hands!