Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Magic House

Uncle Bubba and I took C to the Magic House the other day. It was SO hot outside and we wanted to do something fun indoors (AND Nonny had bought a great Groupon Deal to the Magic House)...well we and the rest of St. Louis thought it was also a good idea :) We played inside for a while but were all a little overwhelmed with all of the people so we headed outside. I laughed though and said that Connor preferred being outside anyway! The Magic House has come a LONG way since we went as kiddo's and it is just the neatest place, we love it! They have this little "garden" outside and that is where we spend most of our time. It wasn't two seconds before C was in the water playing with the boats and RUNNING all over. It was a riot, he was literally running in circles around this bridge and moat.

"Hey! This looks like my chair at home!"

We also did a little grocery shopping, driving and playing in the water inside! Though my boy was the only one who refused to keep his "smock" on at the water table!

The construction zone was one of my favorites though, and C's! I had to laugh though because his eyes lit up when he saw the paint rollers and paint brushes! The poor guy has spent way too much time at the house where we have paint rollers and brushes out in every single room. Overall it was a great day...thanks for sharing it with us Uncle Bubba!

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