Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We didn't do much around here this weekend and it was GREAT! My mom and I are starting to take a water aerobics class on Friday mornings and there is a babysitter for the kiddos! It's fun and I thought these two looked pretty cute, we stayed after the class (it is at a friend's pool) and enjoyed the GORGEOUS day! Plus, my pale white body needed some color, ha! Saturday we took Connor to his first carnival! Bj and I laughed none of us were sure what we thought of it :) We took C on the Dizzy Dragon ride and I think we all thought we were going to get sick - and it was a kiddie ride! I can honestly say I have NEVER felt like I was going to get sick on a ride. After that we had a snow cone and thankfully C loved those because his momma and daddy love them to! We left the carnival and spent the evening with Greg and Meredith, it was lovely!
Sunday morning we played in the "bubbles" in the water tub! I threw some baby soap in there and he loved it! We kept playing "peek-a-boo" with his squirt toys! We went to the pool with Aunt Jen in the afternoon and that was our weekend in a nut shell! We look forward to doing much of the same this weekend :)

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