Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday/Weekend

We had a really nice little weekend at Casa de Granny D. We had some snow so we hung around the house and as a bit of a homebody, that suits me just fine! My mom and I ran a few errands, I filled some orders and we lounged. I had some fun taking pictures of Connor in his new favorite spot, the windowsill. I couldn't help but post this because I thought he looked a little too precious in his tie onesie :) He was just sitting in the windowsill sipping on his sippy cup! We went over to the Johnson's to watch the super bowl on Sunday night. It was really nice and I loved getting out of preparing the food, ha! I love to cook, but I also enjoy the occasional night off. This just made me chuckle, Connor and Koda man begging Aunt Jen for food. Are we sensing a theme here with us not feeding Connor enough!? The poor neglected little soul...
Watching the game with Dada, drinking a brewski! I this the picture I am going to see 20 years from now? Minus C sitting in Bj's lap! Ha! I kind of think my boys are precious. Do you love Connor's little football fleece jacket? It was a gift from Aunt Steph for Christmas, thanks for making me cute on super bowl Sunday Aunt Steph! Overall it was just a really nice weekend, I love all the time spent with my sweet family. We don't really have anything exciting on the agenda this weekend and that is just fine with us :) Does anyone have any fun plans for Valentine's day?

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keith said...

yeah cfj! i love the little football outfit and so glad it fits the little man :) too cute!!!