Monday, February 8, 2010

Have You Seen Me?

*Update: Thank you Cortney - I am an idiot it is from the "just one year" line by Carters! I want to introduce you to Bunny, one of Connor's very, very best friends. I am not sure if you have noticed sweet bunny in recent pictures, but bunny is always around. Sweet Connor just loves his bunny and we think that it's pretty sweet. Bunny had been sitting on top of his dresser for no reason since he was born. One day C pointed to him so we gave him bunny and the rest is history! We are not sure who gave us bunny, but we would like to thank them! Bunny started out a really beautiful white color but with many months of love has turned a little dingy - but we think that makes him all the more appealing :) Since bunny is so loved, we have started to search for a new one (you can never have too many lovies!) and we are coming up empty! Bj found a blog dedicated to bunny and one on ebay for $100...
So, my friends I am asking you if you could keep an eye out for a white and brown the first years bunny. We want to get C another one should anything ever happen to bunny, but we can't find them anywhere! So, with Easter approaching if you see this sweet little bunny, would you mind picking up one or two? I will happily send you all the money it costs to buy and ship! Thanks in advance for keeping your eyes peeled! :)

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myhoneycutt said...

hi ellen,
i'll look around. just so you know, i believe the bunny is from Carter's 'just one year' line.