Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Magic House

In order to make our schedules work, Bj takes off Tuesday and Wednesday to watch the little man and it's great. I love that they have that time to spend together to hang out and play and do daddy/Connor things. So yesterday afternoon I got home and asked my mom where they were and she said The Magic House! I was so excited for them to get home to see how the day was, it was Connor's first trip to The Magic House and I just knew he was going to have fun! They got home and both of my boys were all smiles, my sweet Bj even took the camera so he could document the day for me!! He knows how much I like to have pictures of the little man during the day because it makes my day go that much faster. I don't know if I have remembered to mention, but these days Connor loves balls, light switches and water. As you can see he was pretty excited with all that was around him! Bj said he liked to watch the other kiddos and he even ran into his friend Eli and his daddy!

I love that little face and those little fingers splashing in the water - I secretly love that having kids means you get to be a kid again and enjoy all of the fun kid centered places like the magic house! I mean...who doesn't want to splash around in water with their friends?
These pictures make me laugh because I just know that in Connor's mind having a wall of light switches that he can turn on and off is like his heaven. To him, life doesn't get much better than that! Bj said he could have stood there all day, he loved it! Ah, isn't it fun watching your kiddo's do something for the first time? I think it was a great day at the Magic House, we can't wait to go back!

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