Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Year Stats!

I was kind of laughing when I made Connor's one year appointment at the doctor. I said I wanted his birthday to be spent having fun, doing what he wanted to do - so I made the appointment for Friday. I laughed though when I realized that Connor's perfect day would include no diaper changes or face washes! Ha! Okay, I know you are curious to see how big the little guy is, here are the stats:

Height: 30 inches - 30th percentile
Weight: 20lbs - 15th percentile
Head Circ: 47 - 70th percentile

The doctor said he looked great! We have started the transition to cow's milk and he has done great so far. She said not to worry about his weight he would be back up on his curve soon enough, maybe the whole milk will help boost him up. I sure wish I had a problem where I wasn't gaining any weight, or I could lose it! :) Ha!! We just hung out and finished wrapping Christmas presents the rest of the day. Connor got three shots, so he spent the rest of the day snoozing them off. Poor guy, I hate the shots!!
I had to show off his other pair of jammies from Auntie G - he looks pretty stinkin cute in that car, doesn't he? I love the Santa hat, I am so excited for Christmas!!

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