Monday, November 23, 2009

We love Fall!

After a rainy week in St. Louie, we had a gorgeous weekend! We just love the fall weather around here, about as much as we love the park. Granny and NeNe went shopping on Sunday afternoon and I decided to take the little man to the park. We had such a nice day and he surprised me with all the things he wanted to play with!
We played on the swings, climbed through tunnels, went up and down the slide - every which way, on the tummy, bottom and straight down! Connor even had fun climbing back up the slide.

I love little baby profile pictures, I think they are too sweet! He was having fun watching his new little friend Sienna on the swings with her daddy! She was so sweet, we met her on Sunday, she has a little sister cfj's age.
While he was on the swings, Connor was eyeing this jungle gym. He kept pointing at it going, '0hh' so, how could I resist taking him over there? He had fun holding on to it and climbing in and out of it. When did he get so big?
After we got home and took a snooze, it was time to hang out with Granny and NeNe! We raked the leaves and sat outside by Granny's new fire pit. It was a great day and a wonderful weekend!

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