Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Really Thankful!

Connor Francis is going to his first Thanksgiving party with Aunt Jen today! She is taking him to school to show him off and let him join in the festivities! She is such a great aunt! I was so excited for him, dressed him up in his last first holiday outfit from Granny D and got his diaper bag all loaded up. See, I told you we were doing up this last holiday right! :) I just HAD to snap a few pictures this morning before we left! He looks pretty cute, huh? Thanks for the idea Aunt Steph, I love Reaggie's pictures by the little flag. Granny D just got a new little flag pole, so we had to show it off!
Words can't even express how thankful we are for everything we have. A happy, healthy family, a roof over our heads (thanks mom!) and our first Thanksgiving finally back in St. Louis. I just keep thinking back to our last Thanksgiving that was spent in the hospital. We were so scared and nervous and didn't know if Connor was going to be okay. Instead of stuffing our faces, having a baby shower and being surrounded by family - we were touring the NICU and doing everything we could to cook our little turkey just a little longer. So this year, we are really thankful for the healthy, sweet, wonderful and precious baby boy we welcomed three weeks later! I will post again tomorrow, but I hope everyone has safe travels this holiday weekend!

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