Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Connor, WHERE are you?!

So last night we were getting ready to sit down for dinner. Connor had already eaten so he was crawling around on the floor, hanging out with us. A typical night. All of a sudden it got really quiet and I told Bj to go grab Connor, he must be playing with the dog bowls. He wasn't there. I said okay check the water bowls. He wasn't there. I panicked and said check the stairs. Babe, he's not there. Check the bathroom? Not there. Just as panic was starting to set in, we turned around and looked in the laundry room. He was just hanging out, playing with the wash machine.
It scared the daylights out of us! He was way too quiet, I was envisioning all kind of bad things.
Ay,ay, ay - is this what it is going to feel like the first time he drives somewhere by himself?!

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