Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Little Gold Mine

Hello World - Scout and Sedona here! Momma hasn't given us much time to write on the blog, but we just couldn't resist telling you about our little gold mine. Momma and daddy seem to think that the occasional treat and food is enough for us, but Connor has realized that we need more than that so we don't starve to death! He has started sharing his food with us and man, are we excited! We just wait oh-so-patiently while he eats and HOPE that he passes us a scrap or two! We would NEVER stick our noses right in his high chair or jump up on the couch and try and eat directly off his high chair! Ha! We just wanted to show you how much fun mealtime has become for us - we sure do love cheerios and cheese! Momma was grumbling about how Connor keeps eluding the video camera and being all shy - but you should hear him laughing when he gets going - he thinks feeding us is the funniest thing ever!!! Enjoy!

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