Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forest Park - October 2009

The incredibly talented and generous with her time, MP took some pictures of our little family this past weekend at Forest Park. She is so good to me and I just love all of our pictures! She loves natural light and working with kiddos - and I am happy to be a loyal subject, as I love the natural, candid pictures she takes too! There are quite a few, but I just couldn't narrow down my favorites by any means - so I am sure you will see more sprinkled throughout future posts!I just love that little smile...
I think Connor had just gotten finished "growwwling" like a dinosaur in the one on the left!

These four are some of my favorites. I know Connor isn't looking straight at the camera or smiling in all of them, but they capture Connor, my sweet boy. All the facial expressions are just the essence of him - and him at 10.5 months old. I know I will always treasure these pictures.

Our sweet angel - he is going to take off walking any day - I just know it! We found the sweetest little bridge and the background could not have been prettier! I know I sacrifice a little of them when I put them in a collage, but don't worry I will send out the originals to all who want to see! Thanks MP, you are so wonderful and talented! We love you!!

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