Friday, October 2, 2009

Boo Boo Bunny

So, this afternoon I was just sitting down to give Connor his bottle before naptime when the phone rings. It's Bj and he goes "babe, I knocked my teeth out, I need you to find me a dentist" I was like what happened?! He said, I fell at work and knocked my teeth out, I am on my way home now. I was beside myself, I handed Connor to my mom and called the dentist, who was gone until Monday. We called the emergency number they gave us and they said to have him go straight to the office! I had no idea at this point what had happened, so I left C with Granny and met Bj at the dentist. Bless his heart, he tripped over a cart and smashed his face on the back of a chair and sheered off the bottom of his two from teeth, scraped up his arm and his knee is the size of a baseball! The dentist was so nice and put on some bonds for the time being and he will go in next week for a permanent fix. I was so sad for my sweets, we went home and he has been resting on the couch. Connor was so sad for his daddy, he wanted to cuddle with him and his ice packs. He was fixing his own "boo-boo's" too!
Sweet boy helping his da da!
Look at my sweet boys with their ice packs! They looked so cute I had to snap a picture! I am just so thankful Bj was okay and all that he needed was a trip to the dentist and some cooping on the couch. It is always scary when something happens to someone you love, you know? I was glad I was able to meet him at the dentist, I needed to see for myself that he was okay.

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