Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who is that Baby?

It's Me!
I was going through some stuff tonight and came across a few pictures of my brother and realized that a few of them looked like Connor. So, I figured if Connor looked like my brother in some baby pictures, then he must look a little like me, right? So, out came the scrapbook my amazing mom made me - and this is what we found! By the way - sorry about the flash on the pictures, I didn't want to take any of the pictures off the pages, so I carefully photographed a few.
We have so many people who think he looks just like me, just like BJ, or a perfect combination. I think that sounds just perfect - I hope he looks like his handsome daddy and I figure with all the work I did to get him here I at least want him to have a smidge of me in him!! :) We were having so much fun looking at these pictures because he really DOES look a little like me! I am 9 months in these pictures, so almost exactly his age.
I think in the second row of pictures he looks like me, more so than the top two. We decided that he looks a lot like me when he is sleeping, and I was a belly sleeper! It was really crazy to look at all of these and see so much of MY son in me, you know? I just had to share - mostly because it's fun and secondly, I am a little proud that he does have some of his momma in him! Next up are pictures of daddy because once you see them, I think he also looks a lot like his sweet daddy - and you will also see that he gets all of the hair from his daddy! Look at those little blonde wisps - I think I was 10 before I had as much hair as he has now! We decided, as the poll said all those months ago - he seems to be the perfect combination!

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