Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Sign Language

I had never heard of "Baby Sign Language" until I moved to Colorado and worked with toddlers for a year. I was actually blown away by just how smart little baby brains are - it is just amazing what little sponges they are. I knew when I had a baby of my own, I would try and incorporate sign language - at least with the basic signs for eating, needing a new diaper and getting sleepy. The Easter Bunny (Granny D!) was kind enough to drop off a book for us to use as a reference. I started getting Connor used to some of the signs ("more" and "all done") at 6 months, when I started feeding him big boy food, though not pushing it. Now that he is 8 months, I have started really trying to teach him and get him used to the signs at meal times. It's kind of fun! So far he just looks at us and laughs, laughs, laughs away when we do "All Done!". It's hilarious - he just thinks it's the funniest thing he has ever seen! It made me think about it when last night, as I was taking pictures of him in the bathtub, Bj came in to see him and then started doing "All Done!" to get him to laugh for the pictures! As you can see, he is looking over to the side (at the doggies and daddy) in all the pictures and he just chuckled away like we were about as amusing as it can get! I thought that was too funny not to share! I will keep you posted as to whether or not he starts signing or continues to just be amused by us :) Oh - and I found apricots last night!

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