Friday, August 7, 2009

My Favorite Subject

As I was getting ready to go outside and take these pictures, I remember grabbing my camera and telling everyone I was going outside to take pictures of my favorite subject - and that he is! I was looking through all of the pictures I took from our wonderful family vacation to realize that of the 600 pictures I took, I don't have ANY group pictures. That means that nearly all 600 photos are of Connor! The poor kid - at least he can never tell me his early days weren't documented!! The yard at the Lakeshore home is just so pretty. The greens are beautiful and they have bright big flowers in the garden - I loved the bench and wooden chair and just had to take some pictures of the sweet pea!! It is kind of special too, as we have a few family pictures on that chair and bench from previous trips - now I have some with the little man!

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