Friday, August 7, 2009

Blueberry Picking!

One of my favorite things we did in Michigan was go blueberry picking! It was so much fun - we found this little farm (with the help of Liz Erker) and just had the best time filling up our buckets. Connor slept for the first little bit, but once he woke up I turned him around and he loved reaching for all the blueberries and leaves on the trees. We were saying it is going to be so much fun next year when he and Frankie can just pop the blueberries straight in their mouths!
Getting ready to turn around and get pickin'!
Look at all the green leaves...
and blueberries!
It was so cute - you tied the bucket around your waist or neck with a neck tie!!
Waiting for us to check out with our 4lbs of blueberries that only cost us $3.25!!
He had so much fun picking blueberries he was out cold the minute his head hit the car seat. He slept the whole way home! We are already getting so excited for our first trip to Eckert's to pick apples this fall!

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Meredith said...

Greg and I are going...we should all go together!