Monday, August 17, 2009

Future Alma Mater

We just had such a great time at Elon and Steph and I kept laughing that little did we imagine ourselves strolling around our college campus with our babies. We took them all around and showed them all of our favorite spots. We even stopped a few kind gentleman in hopes that they would document the babies first trip to their future college! They were so cute and we were laughing as we were both sitting on the fountain ledge changing poopy diapers that this was far different than the "passing by the fountain on our way home from the lighthouse" we used to get into!! I think we may have reminisced a few evenings involving being in the fountain and afraid we wouldn't graduate!!
I don't have much more to say than it doesn't get much cuter than this!!! Steph and I have a picture here from graduation and we have a picture of the two of us with our hubbies so logically we had had to get one with the babies!

We have already decided we are sending this one in to the alumni magazine! :) Maybe sending a copy directly to Leo Lambert to?!
Steph and Reags!
Momma and Connor!
Getting them acquainted with The Lighthouse early and $5 drink til you drown! :) NOT until they are 21 though...
I just thought this was so cute and a pre-cursor to the first Kepplinger/Johnson family vacation where the momma's leave and get their toes done and the daddy's plan with the babies!!

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